Common Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid that Can Wreck Your House

If you want to prevent having expensive home cleaning errors, here are some of the most typical cleaning mistakes you have to prevent doing. Listed below are the things that you should never do in your home: 

Directly spritzing cleaning products onto the surfaces 

Once you directly spray cleaning products onto unsealed wood furniture, it can result in a residue accumulation, and may even lead to discoloration. When it comes to your mirrors, doing that can cause the cleaning spray to get absorbed into the backing, leaving water spots. To prevent that from happening, you just have to practice spraying the cleaning solution onto a cleaning cloth first, and then start wiping down any surface. 

Overusing dirty kitchen sponges 

Did you know that kitchen sponges are breeding grounds for bacteria and germs? Researchers have observed that microwaving them does not disinfect them effectively. So, make sure to change your kitchen sponge once per week at least, or switch to a dish brush if you want to prevent germs to be all over your cookware, dishes, and kitchen countertops. 

Using vinegar to clean marble countertops 

You can use white vinegar to clean nearly everything around your home, except for some items. Natural stone surfaces are one of these items. Vinegar is naturally acidic. Hence, it can cause your granite or marble countertop to be etched over time. Rather, you should regularly clean marble using warm water and dish soap. Then, follow the right steps to effectively clean your countertops. 

Flushing the claimed “flushable” wipes 

Baby wipes and cleaning wipes come with several types that claim to be “flushable.” However, these kinds of wipes may not break down fast enough. When your house has a delicate or old plumbing system, such wipes can accumulate, and end up clogging your toilets. 

If you want to prevent dealing with clogging or flooding, make sure to practice disposing of your used cleaning wipes, or switch to a reusable cloth or a cleaning spray. 

Utilizing similar rag all over your home 

Even if you spritz your rag using a cleaning solution, using a similar rag in several parts all over your home can be unhygienic as it could still have the grime and dirt that was taken from the previous surface where it was used. Once you use it on another surface, the dirt can only be spread even more. As a result, your bathroom germs can be wiped onto the living room coffee table, your kitchen counters, and anywhere else you use it. 

Instead, it’s highly recommended to utilize a sheet of paper towel for every cleaned surface or allocate a microfiber cleaning cloth that’s intended for every part of your house. Microfiber cleaning cloths can be thoroughly washed and simply tossed in the laundry after using it to make sure that grime or gunk is removed. 

Listed above are only some of the many mistakes that people commit as they clean their homes. To make sure that your property will be optimally cleaned, you can always request a professional house cleaning Southern OR today. 

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